How to verify a customer's age or identity

Depending on the items ordered, you may be required to collect a customer's signature prior to completing the drop-off in addition to scanning a valid photo ID. When a delivery requires the customer’s identity or age to be verified, you'll be notified in-app or with a push notification when you begin drop-off. Just in case, you'll also be sent a reminder notification once you arrive at the customer’s delivery address.

A delivery needing the customer’s ID to be verified or a signature may contain any of the following items:

Large Order Totals

Collect the customer's signature

If a signature is required, you will use the Postmates Fleet app to collect it. Hold the phone horizontally and have the customer sign your device with their finger or a stylus. 

Verify a customer's ID in-app

When you arrive at the customer’s delivery address, be sure to verify their ID before giving them the order. You will use the Postmates Fleet app to scan the ID. You may be asked to manually enter the customer’s information if there are issues with your GPS or if the scan fails to capture the ID multiple times.

  1. Tap the Delivery Details Card shown at the bottom of the map
  2. Tap Complete Delivery and then Verify Customer Identification
  3. Select the customer’s ID type: a government-issued driver’s license, state ID, passport, or visa
  4. When prompted, follow the directions in-app to scan. You will need to scan the FRONT of the ID if it is a passport or visa, and the BACK of the ID if it's a driver's license or state ID. 
  5. Wait a few seconds for the verification to complete.

Once you successfully verify a customer's age or identity, you will be able to slide to complete and move on to your next delivery!




What if the app says that a customer's ID is expired?

If the ID is expired, you'll be able to scan an alternate form of identification if the customer has one available. If they don't, slide to complete the delivery and return the order back to the pick-up location.

What if the results say that a customer is underage?

If the app detects that the customer is underage, slide to complete the delivery and return the order back to the pick-up location.

What if the customer does not have their ID with them?

Depending on the city that you deliver in, there may be laws that prevent you from giving the customer an order without first verifying their identity. If the delivery contains alcohol or tobacco, you are always required to verify a customer's age.

If the customer does not have a valid, government-issued ID, you’ll need to to go to the Complete Delivery screen, select the option Customer Missing Identification, and slide to complete the delivery. Once completed, a return delivery will be automatically added to your route. You'll need to return the order back to the pickup location before you can receive new delivery offers.



What if the in-app ID scanner is not working?

Always make sure you're scanning the right side of the ID. After three unsuccessful attempts to scan the customer’s ID, you will be prompted to manually enter their information. This includes the customer’s first namelast name, and date of birth. Additionally, you may be asked for the type of ID, the full ID number, and the expiration date of the ID