Love at First Bite FAQ

Why didn’t I get a promo code for a Love At First Bite shirt?

The shirts are only available to select Postmates who received an email allowing them to receive one of the shirts.

Will I be able to purchase another shirt for myself/ a friend?

At this time, the only people eligible for a shirt are those who have received a code from us.  You will not be able to purchase a shirt for somebody else.

How long will this take to ship to me?

Once you’ve placed an order through Shopify for a new Postmates Prepaid Card or hot/cold bag, you will receive an email that includes tracking information. Your shirt should be delivered in 3-5 days.

My promo code doesn’t work?

Each promo code is unique to the Postmate it was issued to and good for only one shirt. If this is your original code and it doesn't work, please contact us here.

Why does it say $15 if it’s free?

The $15 will correct to $0 during checkout as long as you enter a valid promo code. Orders without valid promo codes will not be fulfilled.

You’re out of my size.  When will you get more?

At this time we don't have a timeframe for restocking. Please feel free to order a different size or a different shirt.