Payout Adjustment Requests

Payout adjustments can only be requested within 48 hours of an active delivery.

When contacting support from the help center, choose the option "Request Payout Adjustment" under "How can we help?" Below, choose from three options for the reason that you are requesting this payout adjustment.

Payout Adjustment Reasons

  • App Not Working Correctly
    • If you think the platform didn't pay out correctly, provide us with all the information that you possibly can about why you think it was not correct.  Make sure that you're always using the app and the Live Order Support options correctly, as the platform pays out correctly when these are both used properly.
  • Return Delivery
    • If you have returned an item and weren't properly paid out for the return, please provide an image of the return receipt. We won't be able to pay you out properly if the item hasn't been returned with a receipt showing this has happened.
  • Canceled Delivery
    • If a delivery offer that you accepted gets canceled and you don't think you were properly paid out for your time on the delivery, provide us with as much information as to why you should receive a payout adjustment for your time spent on the delivery.

For all of the above reasons, please provide:

  • Date of the delivery
  • Merchant
  • Pictures showing a returned item, your status during a delivery, or a picture of the app
  • As much information as possible