Which Postmates qualify for scooter rentals?

To qualify for the special rental rates available only to Postmates, you'll need to fit the following criteria:

  • Must be an active Postmate already (any valid motor vehicle license class is okay)
  • Must have a delivery rating above 4.8
  • Must have a driver's license on file with Postmates already
  • Must have a bank account linked with Postmates already
  • Must be 18+ years of age 


How much does driving a scooter cost?

Only $120 per month plus applicable taxes, which is equivalent to about 4-5 deliveries every week. We offer a discounted rate that is exclusive to you as a Postmate, so long as you continue to do deliveries on the Postmates platform.


How do I pay for my scooter?

If you participate in our program, your scooter payments will be made directly from your earnings on our platform at the beginning of each billable month. For your convenience, each month your account will reflect a negative balance until you have made $120 plus applicable taxes. On average, if you complete 4-5 deliveries a week, your rental cost should be fully covered!


How long can I keep my scooter at Postmates' special rate?

You can continue to rent your scooter at Postmates' special rate so long as you make your rental payments from your earnings on the Postmates platform.


How fast can I drive my scooter?

The speed of these scooters is maxed out at 30 MPH


How is the battery charged?

The battery can be charged using a regular 110V power outlet. No special charging is needed! Each battery gives a range of 30 miles, and swapping your current battery with the storage battery is easy and quick.


How will I carry goods while riding the scooter?

You can carry goods however works best for you! The scooters support various cargo containers, and we’ll also give Postmates renting scooters a custom bag that is ideal for doing deliveries on scooters.


Do I need to register my scooter?

The scooters are already registered at the DMV. As soon as you get one, you are ready to ride!


Are there any restrictions on how much I can use my scooter?

Use it as much as you want for deliveries and your personal use! 


How does insurance work?

Your scooter insurance is included as part of your rental payment, no additional cost required.


How long is the rental period?

The Postmates Scooter rental is for 6 months with an option to cancel in the first month to get your deposit returned. If you cancel after that, you forfeit your deposit. Your rental agreement will not be renewed upon expiration.


If I use a scooter, can I still do deliveries by car, foot, etc.?

Yes! Just make sure you switch your vehicle type in the Fleet app whenever you want to do deliveries with a method other your scooter.


What happens if my earnings don't cover the cost of the monthly rental?

If the first month your earnings does not cover your monthly rent, the balance will be added to the following month's rental cost. This allows you to pay it next month via deliveries.


Do I need to buy a helmet?

No, you will receive a helmet when you come to pick up your Scooter.


Where do I park my scooter?

You are responsible for safely parking your scooters in accordance with local parking restrictions.


How do I get access to the GenZe scooter app?

You can download the GenZe app from the App Store or Google Play Store free of charge. GenZe will activate your account when you receive your scooter. Check out the GenZe iOS app here. Check out the Android GenZe iOS app here. If you want to use their app, make sure to download it prior to onboarding so that GenZe can help you with set up.


What if my battery runs low and I am on an active delivery?

The scooter screen shows you battery status constantly and will let you know in advance as the battery is getting low so that you can recharge it or replace it with the spare battery.


How many deliveries can I do on a full charge?

Each battery has a range of 30 miles, which is 60 miles total for both. You should be able to do around 10 deliveries per battery, or around 20 in total for both.


To learn more about the Scooter program, visit our Scooter Help Page.