Batched Deliveries

Occasionally you may receive delivery offers to pick up more than one order at a location. These batched deliveries allow you to increase your earnings by completing more deliveries faster. Currently, this is only offered in selected markets.

How will I know if a delivery has multiple orders to pick up?

When accepting a new delivery offer, we’ll let you know the number of orders to pick up when you arrive at the merchant.

What if I can/want to do only one of the pickups?

We ask that you only accept batched deliveries if you can complete both orders. This will create an excellent customer experience and increase your earnings potential.

What do I do when I get to the pickup? How do I pick up multiple orders at once?

You will pick up two orders just like you do when you are only picking up one order.  Ask the merchant for each order and mark them picked up in the app and start your delivery!

Will the merchant know what to do?

Yes, the merchant will know what to do. Merchant Support has been in communication with them. 

How are payouts for batched deliveries calculated?

You will earn for each completed pick up, completed drop off, the time spent in-store waiting, and for the distance traveled between the pickup and each dropoff. This is the same calculation used for batched and non-batched deliveries.

As always, 100% of the tips go to you.

How does Blitz payouts work with batched deliveries?

When your batched delivery has Blitz payouts, you will earn the blitz amount for each delivery.


Looking at the picture below, all bonuses on a delivery will be listed.  If you receive a blitz for each delivery that was batched, it will list out both blitz bonuses.