How do I successfully upload a receipt into the Fleet App?

When you pay with your Postmates Prepaid Card, you will need to upload a photo of the receipt and input the total order amount from the receipt in order to charge the customer appropriately.  If the order was pre-paid, the app will let you know this, and you will not swipe your card or upload a receipt.

In the Fleet App, once you have checked off each item on the shopping list, the Fleet App will prompt you to take a photo of the receipt.  If you are having issues getting to the screen where you upload the receipt, be sure you have scrolled and checked off each item on the shopping list.

When the Fleet App prompts you, and only after you have already swiped your card,  take a clear photo of the entire receipt with all item names, prices, and the total.  Do not upload the receipt until you have physically swiped your card.

Pointers from the Pros:

  • Be sure to upload an itemized receipt and include it in the bag for the customer.
  • The picture needs to be clear and of the entire receipt.
  • Wait until you have swiped your card to upload the receipt.  Otherwise, your card may be defunded and your wait time may not calculate correctly.