Batched and Chained Deliveries

Ever wonder why you end up going back and forth from one popular merchant to the same neighborhood? Well, no more!


Batched Deliveries

Batching enables Postmates to dispatch multiple orders to you, increasing your efficiency and maximizing your profits. You will be able to limit the miles and wear and tear on your vehicle while completing more deliveries faster.

Most Batched deliveries will be disclosed to you in the offer screen, but sometimes we don’t find out until you’re already at the merchant. In those cases, we'll automatically add the second delivery to your run since we know you want to make more money.


Chained Deliveries

Now we can go one step further! With chained pickups, you can now pick up from two different merchants and drop off to multiple customers who live nearby.


Deliveries can be both Batched and Chained.