What can I do to ensure customers have a great experience?

It’s recommend you always do the following to provide customers with a great delivery experience:

  • Make sure that all items in the order are correct and accounted for.
  • Use  a hot/cold bag if you’re delivering food to ensure it arrives at the correct temperature.
  • Include any extras your customer might need such as utensils or condiments.
  • Try to complete the delivery as quickly as possible.
  • Never indicate that you have started the drop-off or completed the drop-off before you actually reach these phases. This can create many different issues, preventing you from being able to finish your delivery successfully and causing confusion for the customer.
  • After accepting a delivery request try to never cancel unless it’s an emergency.

If there’s an issue with your delivery, tap Help in the app on the delivery screen and follow the prompts in order to resolve the issue.