Canceled orders

Orders could be canceled for a number of reasons:

  • The merchant is closed due to a private event, emergency, or a change in their operating hours.
  • The merchant is too busy to take new orders.
  • The merchant can not accept payments due to credit card machine issues.
  • The merchant is cash only.
  • The customer is choosing to cancel their order.

If you've reached a pick-up location and your delivery is canceled, you may still receive a payout. Look for a pop-up message notifying you of the canceled order and how much you've earned.

You can tap "Deliveries" in the Fleet app to see earnings from all your deliveries. You'll see "customer cancel" for a delivery canceled by the customer and "cancellation" on deliveries that were canceled for any other reason.

Please reach out to Fleet Support if you have any questions about a certain payout, and learn more about payout adjustments here

If you have already completed the pickup and your delivery is canceled, you may either discard or keep any food, and if it is merchandise, we request that you return the items.