If an order is canceled, am I still paid?

If you've reached the pickup location and the delivery is canceled by the customer, you may receive a payout. Look for a pop-up message notifying you of the canceled order and the earnings amount:

  • Base Price: Earn the leg-based rate for each leg completed
  • Time: Earn the regular per minute rate for time spent waiting at the pickup location
  • Distance: Earn the regular per mile rate for distance traveled between the pickup and drop-off

Tap ‘Account’ then ‘Delivery Earnings’ to see all earnings from deliveries and tips. Click on 'Deposits' to see what was included in a deposit. Cancellations may be automatically added to your daily earnings and visible in your regular deposits. Please reach out to Fleet Support via the Help Center if you have any questions about a payout.

Learn more about payout adjustments here.