What is Onboarding?

Once you sign up for the Postmates platform, you will go through the Postmates Fleet onboarding process.

During the sign up process, you will need to provide information about yourself: name, phone number, market (aka city), mode of transportation, current mailing address for your Postmates Prepaid Card, social security number for your background check, and date of birth. You must have a social security number for the background check to run correctly.

After filling out this information during the sign up process, you will be taken to a checklist to finish the on-boarding process where you will upload a selfie.
Once you have completed the informational part of signing up as well as uploading your selfie, you'll wait for your Postmates Prepaid Card to arrive at your address.  As soon as it arrives, please link your Postmates Prepaid Card to your account at fleet.postmates.com/card.  Once you link your card, the final part of the process is kicked off, so watch your email inbox for next steps and instructions on how to sign into the Fleet App.