Perks for Postmates Fleet

We love our Fleet! That's why we offer a number of perks for you to take part in:    



Every Postmate who completes 10 deliveries in a month will be eligible for PerkSpot the following month. Our PerkSpot program gives active Postmates access to perks and benefits from great local and national shops. Qualifying Postmates will receive an invite by email from the PerkSpot Team.

Already signed up? Check out the perks by visiting



We know getting a parking or traffic ticket is a bummer, which is why we’ve partnered with TIKD to offer an exclusive discount for Postmates on their first ticket submitted through their platform.

TIKD guarantees no points on your license or your money back, avoidance of late fees and interest-free payment plans.

Have questions? All TIKD related questions can be submitted directly to TIKD at

This partnership is only available in San Francisco and Miami at this time, but check back often as we plan to expand this perk in the near future.


JVS Job Search Accelerator Program

We’ve partnered with JVS to offer San Francisco-based Postmates access to programming designed to help achieve their full-time career goals.

What is JVS?

JVS transforms lives by helping people build skills to find jobs and achieve self-sufficiency. We equip our clients with the skills and experiences they need to secure high-growth, career path employment and build long-term career resiliency.

We empower job seekers to build a competitive set of skills for their desired job. This includes skills for your job search (e.g., elevator pitch, networking, strategy for today’s job market) and skills for specific jobs (e.g., computer skills, effective communication, customer service). If we don’t have expertise in helping you develop a skill, we’ll connect you to great resources.

Who is eligible?

Active San Francisco-based Postmates who have completed at least 10 deliveries.

How long is the program?

The program is 36 hours over the course of 2 weeks.

What if I apply and don’t get accepted?

Space is limited in the program, so we recommend applying ASAP. If you do not get accepted into a certain month's class, you will have the opportunity to apply to the following month's class.  


You can reach out to JVS directly at