Postmates Perks

Postmates Plus Unlimited

Every Postmate with over 25 deliveries completed each month will get a free Postmates Plus Unlimited subscription. This will automatically be applied to your customer account with the same email address on the first of each month once you add a credit card to your customer account.  The benefits you will receive from being signed up for Postmates Plus Unlimited include:

  • Unlimited free deliveries on Plus orders over $25
  • No service fees from Plus Partners and orders are instantly accepted and never surged
  • Fast deliveries from your cities best merchants and restaurants

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Every Postmate who completes 10 deliveries in a month will be eligible for Fond the following month. Our Fond program gives active Postmates access to perks and benefits from great local and national shops. Qualifying Postmates will receive an invite by email from the Fond Team.

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If you have any questions about the Postmates Plus Unlimited program or the Fond program, please contact us.