What if my Postmates Prepaid Card doesn’t work?

If your Postmates Prepaid Card does not work for any reason, do not use your own funds under any circumstances as they will not be reimbursed no matter what.

Remember: The Postmates Prepaid Card does not have a pin number, so always run it as credit. Always check if the order is listed as "pre-paid".  If it is pre-paid, you won't be able to run your card.

Please follow these instructions to request additional funds or cancel the order:

  1. Tap ‘Help’ on the delivery screen
  2. Tap ‘Request Support’
  3. Tap 'Purchasing Help'
  4. Select the appropriate support issue 'Need Additional Funds' or 'Can't Pay (Cancel)' if your card still isn't working after additional funds.  Note: You won't be able to pay with your Postmates Prepaid Card if the merchant is partnered with us as the order has already been pre-paid.


4. When you select 'Need Additional Funds' you will have increments of money that you can select and request that will fund directly to your card.  When you select 'Can't Pay (Cancel)' your delivery will be canceled.

Note: You must use your Postmates card to pay for orders that are not pre-paid. Postmates will not reimburse any order amounts paid for in cash or on personal cards.

Pointers from the Pros:

  • You don't need to leave the merchant if your card isn't funded.  This is one of the easiest issues to resolve if you follow the steps above.  If the card still doesn't work after funding, tap 'Can't Pay (Cancel)' and you'll be released from the order.
  • If you take a photo of the receipt before you pay, you won't be able to add funds to your card, so make sure that you follow the instructions step by step.
  • Double check the total funds you need.  If your order is $30, but you only add $25, your card may still be declined.
  • If your card is worn out and being declined at some merchants, order a new card free of charge to ship to your house here!