When you accept a new delivery offer, you are agreeing to complete the delivery. We understand that unforeseen issues may arise after you've accepted a delivery so you have the right to cancel deliveries you've accepted.

However, cancelling deliveries can result in poor experiences for other Postmates, local merchants, and customers as well as disrupt the platform.

Automatic Pause for Personal Emergency

If you need to cancel and go offline you will be paused from coming back online for a period of time so that you can address the issue you are experiencing. Once the pause is over, you’ll be able to go back online and accept new delivery offers. If this happens four times within one day you may not be able to go back online for the rest of that day in order to ensure the platform continues to function efficiently.

Automatic Pause for Late Deliveries

When the system determines that many of your recent deliveries have been late, you will be automatically paused in the system from accepting new delivery offers.  You will receive a push notification that reads "We've noticed that many of your deliveries have been late.  Be sure to follow the path recommend by the Fleet app." if this pertains to your Fleet account.

Automatic Pause for Frequent Cancellations

Frequent order cancellation impairs the effective operation of the Postmates platform and is inconsistent with the terms of the Fleet Agreement. For this reason, your access to the platform may be interrupted if many of your deliveries end in cancellations. As a general reminder, our highest rated Postmates tell us that they only accept deliveries they can complete.