How do I complete a delivery?

After you’ve confirmed that you have all of the items order, tap Start Drop-off and head to the customer.

  1. When you arrive at the drop-off destination be sure to read all the drop-off instructions.

  2. Always do your best to contact the customer upon your arrival, and take the delivery to the customer's door.

  3. When you're handing off the items, make sure that you're delivering it to the customer by greeting them with their name.
    Note: Do not indicate that you have completed the drop-off until you have finished handing the delivery to the customer.

  4. Once you have finished handing off the delivery, complete it in your app by tapping the Delivery Unconfirmed and selecting Deliver to Customer. From there you can click Close to go back and swipe to complete.

  5. You will be presented with the total you’ve earned from the delivery and the option to leave feedback.

Let us know how your delivery went by providing feedback. Whether it was an awesome delivery or a so-so delivery, we want to know so we can continuously improve!

What if the customer is unavailable?