Whether you're already a Postmate or looking to sign up, this is your go-to page for important information specific to your city.  


Getting Paid

Pickup $1.00 per completed pickup
Dropoff $1.00 per completed dropoff 
Wait Time $0.11 per minute waiting at pickup
Distance $0.87 per mile between pickup and each dropoff

You will earn a minimum base payout of $4.00 per route, excluding tips and bonuses. If you complete multiple deliveries on a route, the minimum guarantee will apply to the entire route, not each individual delivery.

Referral Information

Love Postmates? Share the love and earn more by referring your friends and family to join Postmates! The person you refer will need to complete the required tasks detailed below. Just have them go to fleet.postmates.com and sign up using the email address associated with your Postmates account as the referral code.

Android Users

Go into your newsroom and click the “Invite Friends” link. This link will only be available if there is a referral offer in your city.

Offer Details

Offer Dates: January 4th, 2019 - March 31st, 2019

Both the referee and referrer must be registered in Minneapolis.

Referee: Complete 55 deliveries in Minneapolis in 30 days and earn a guaranteed $600 including incentives and tips.

Referrer: Receive $150 when the required tasks are complete.

Undeliverable Items

Below are items that are restricted from delivering on our platform. If you are dispatched a delivery with any of these, please use the Operator button to let our support team know right away. 

  • Gift cards
  • Illegal items
  • Live animals
  • People
  • Tobacco
  • Marijuana 


  • You will need to collect a customer signature on every alcohol delivery.  Check here for more information on how to collect the signature.
  • Crickets are permitted