What if my delivery gets canceled or replanned?

If your order is canceled: 

If you have already completed the pickup and your delivery is canceled, you may either discard or keep any food. If the order has non-food or non-perishable items, you may be prompted to return the order. You can learn more about getting paid for canceled deliveries here.

If your order is replanned: 

The Postmates platform has been updated in such a way that it can tell when an order has the possibility of being late. This is based on where you are traveling before arriving at the merchant to pick up a delivery. Also, on stacked orders, it can tell when the first order may be taking longer than expected.

In these cases, the order will be reassigned to another Postmate in a better position to get the order delivered in a more timely manner. Don’t worry—this won't negatively impact your account in any way!